Support Services

Adila IT Consultancy implements innovative strategies to maximize the value of the IT support function.

Through flexible high-performance models, we help clients optimize the holistic support environment to enable increased automation, reduced demand, robust knowledge management and process improvements.


Our Tier 1 through Tier 2 approach provides incident resolution and request fulfillment, from known documented issues at Tier 1 to highly complex issues such as registry fixes, patching/updates and root cause analysis of problems at Tier 2 and beyond. Additionally, the service desk includes end-to-end service level management that owns the incident management and request fulfillment process life cycle from cradle to grave across the enterprise.


We provide on-site and dispatch services dedicated to incident resolution, request fulfillment, IMAC, mobile device and asset management execution focused on optimal mean time to resolution (MTTR). Desktop support also includes executive support (white glove), walk-up center and audio visual/conference room support.


With the integration of service desk and desktop support into one functional service, multidiscipline support transitions many upstream engineering support functions to the service desk enabling optimal return on investment through decreased demand, increased self-service and best practice-based automation.


We augment a desktop support team to provide asset and inventory management, asset and software deployment as well as hardware refreshes. We integrate into existing vendor relationships and act as a single point of contact for both hardware and software provisioning for IT.

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